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Julia Anne Stuart

Basic Information

Birthday:April 24, 1989
Hometown:Mayesville, South Carolina
Home Neighborhood:Mayesville, South Carolina
Family Members:Father - Declan Stuart (deceased).
Mother - Marian Stuart (deceased).
Aunt - Millie Townsend.
Relationship Status:In a Relationship.
Interested In:Men.
Looking For:Friendship
Political Views:Pretty Darn Liberal.
Religious Views:Agnostic.

Personal Information

Activities:The Sims 3, knitting badly, baking, cooking, spending time with my boyfriend, reading, spending entirely too much time on the computer, subeta, girls night with my BBF, playing with my puppy.
Interests:baking, cooking, my bff, my family, the internet, computers, Alistair, Paula Deen, Colette Peters, Alton Brown, dining out, Matt Damon, the color pink, DIY, not hurting people, chocolate milk, girly stuff, makeup, clothes, black phoenix alchemy lab, glamour, being slightly geeky, chinese food, WEDDING CAKES!.
Favorite Music:Shakira, Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Sleepthief, Linkin Park, Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Muse, Lacuna Coil
Favorite TV Shows:Chuck, Supernatural, Good Eats, Paula's Party (etc)
Favorite Movies:ALL OF THEM!
Favorite BooksAUTHORS: Nora Roberts, Neil Gaiman, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Terry Prachett
Favorite Quotations:Whatever you are be a good one. ~Abraham Lincoln

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. ~Irish Proverb
About Me:About Me.

Contact Information
Mobile Phone:+1-803-555-1690.
Land Phone:803-555-4239
Address:589 Piccadilly Ave.
Neighborhood:South Carolina.

Education and Work

College/University:University of South Carolina - 2010.
Concentration:Culinary Arts
Second Concentration:Baking and Pastry Arts
Third Concentration:Wedding Cakes.
Degree:Bachelor's Degree.
High School:HOMESCHOOLED - 2006
Employer:Self Employed
Position:Owner, Bill Payer, Wedding Cake Creator.
Description:Specializing in the most beautiful cakes you could possibly imagine!
City/Town:Sumter, SC.
Time Period:Current.


Member Of: EasyBib, Free Bibliographic Composer, *wake up in middle of night, look at clock* yes I still have time to sleep!, I like to blast my music when I clean up, it motivates me., Subeta, CHEFS Catalog.